About Our Service

This website is all about taking a very different and much more profitable approach to buying and selling classic cars. It came about due the the frustrations experienced when I was looking to buy my E-type Jaguar. Like everyone else, I was looking for a good car at a good price and these were few and far between, and when I finally found one it was sold!

I was frustrated by being restricted to only the cars that I saw advertised. What I really wanted was a way to approach owners directly and just tell them that I was in the market in case they were considering selling. That way I would have jumped the queue and bought before the car had even been advertised!

So why would a classic car owner, who is not advertising their car be interested in parking it in our virtual showroom? Simple really, we all know that the WORST TIME to sell a car is when you have to, and a dealer will offer a lot less than the car is worth, or is likely to charge about 20% commission for selling it. The BEST TIME is when there is no hurry and someone is keen to buy. Consequently all these owners are happy to enjoy their lovely car whist remaining open minded to potential buyers. They wouldn't have put their car on our website unless they were prepared to consider offers.

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope that you will tell your friends about us, after all it's such a good way to buy and sell a classic car!

Adrian Beal

It's FREE, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This is not about rushing... it’s all about taking your time and getting it right. If you park your classic car in our virtual showroom then people can email you and at some point the right offer at the right time will come along. We only send enquiries in the right price range.
You are no longer restricted just to cars that are being advertised. Here you can find classic cars that are in private ownership and contact the owner to see if it is for sale. All the owners are open-minded to selling so there will be some great opportunities! Be patient and take your time.
The worst time to sell is when you have to, so isn't it much more sensible to simply be open to offers. That way, if an offer comes along at the right time then everyone will win. Best of all, our website is FREE to use, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

Sussex Sports Cars Ltd.

Sussex Sports Cars Ltd are based in Lewes, East Sussex and specialise in restoration and repair work on classic cars, particularly MG and Jaguar. Ask for Gerry


E-Type Club

The E-type club is run by Philip Porter and his team and they have been going for donkey's years! They publish a first class magazine every month so have a look at their website. Excellent!


Swiss Watches Direct

Absolutly new, top brand watches at huge discounts. Just like buying from an Authorised Dealer but without the mark up. Fabulous reviews with great customer service. Ask for Ashley