Questions and Answers


Q) Does the buyer pay for the warranty?

A) No. The warranty is included (but not to Dealers) in the 'facilitator fee' provided that it has been paid by the seller and therefore completely free to the buyer. Please note that you can only claim a warranty on cars with a band price of £20k or more and that you have 5 working days from the date of sale to register your purchase with us by following this link ... Claim your warranty.


Q) What is included in the warranty?

A) The warranty covers claims up to £2,500, £5,000 or £10,000 depending on the value of the car and takes between 3 and 5 working days to arrange an inspection and issue a warranty. Please note that there may be exclusions for any obvious defects. You can get more information here...


Q) Can I arrange for the warranty inspection to be done at my home?

A) Yes. The insurance company can arrange for the inspector to carry out his work on your premises anywhere in the Country.


Q) What is the 'facilitator fee'?

A) The 'facilitator fee' is the payment that has been agreed between us and the private seller and is ONLY due when the car is sold to someone that has come through our website. Other than this fee our service is completly free for both buyers and sellers.


Q) Does the 'facilitator fee' always need to be paid by the seller?

A) In most cases yes, but not always. If the car is sold to a dealer who is registered with us then the seller can have this fee waived, but only by contacting us BEFORE the sale to verify that the dealer is still registered. If this confirmation is not made before the sale then the fee will not be waived. Dealers are not entitled to a free warranty.


Q) How long does my car stay in your virtual showroom?

A) When you put your car on our website it will remain there for 1 year. At the end of the year we will send you an email asking if you would like to re-register it, but by default it will be deleted completely.


Q) Why do I have to register to contact owners?

A) Registration is required so that we can send your enquiry and forward a reply if needed. We also need your details for a free warranty should you buy a car through our website.


Q) Why do you need the registration number when I upload a car?

A) For security purposes your car registration number is never disclosed to anyone but we need it as a unique reference against other cars. Sadly there are fraudsters out there who will stop at nothing.



It's FREE, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This is not about rushing... it’s all about taking your time and getting it right. If you park your car in our virtual showroom then people can email you and at some point the right offer at the right time will come along. We only send enquiries in the right price range.
You are no longer restricted just to cars that are being advertised. Here you can find cars that are in private ownership and contact the owner to see if you can come to an arrangement. All the owners are open-minded to selling so there will be some great opportunities! Be patient and take your time.
One of the big fears about buying privately is a lack of warranty. Well now you can have confidence and peace of mind because you are entitled to a free 3 month warranty. Buying a car has just got a whole lot simpler!

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