Be Secure - Follow The Rules...

Sadly we need to pay more and more attention to our security these days. In this digital world it is all too easy for fraudsters to take advantage of technology and appear to be what they are not. We would advise you to read these two articles which highlight some of the risks.

In order to try and combat fraud, we are taking extra precautions to protect our customers. It may seem inconvenient but we are potentially talking about a lot of money so a little inconvenience now is a lot better than becoming the victim of fraudsters.

We are watermarking all our customers images so that they will not be of any use to fraudsters or their scams. We are also strongly urging the following:

CAR OWNERS Do not send any photos to potential buyers unless they have some sort of signature in them, e.g. You have either 'watermarked' the photos or they have your contact details embedded into each photo. Unfortunately a fraudster can pose as a genuine buyer to acquire images of your car, the engine number, chassis number and documentation on the pretence of doing his due diligence, and then use these photos for fraudulent purposes.

Of course you need to assist potential buyers as best you can, but only send photos that you are confident cannot be passed off as someone else's. Similarly, if someone comes and looks at your car then do not allow them to photograph it, instead you should take the photos that are required and then email them once you have watermarked the images.

You can 'watermark' or 'sign' your photos quite easily. One way is to include something unique in the photos that you take, for example a bright red rag, a spanner or your business card showing your contact details.

BUYERS: You need to be absolutely sure that the car belongs to the seller, so if you are requesting photos before you go along to see it, then make sure that you request at least 1 photo with a signature in it. For example you could request a photo of the car but with a milk bottle on the roof so that you can be sure that the car must have been in that person's possession when the photo was taken.

It can be embarrassing for both the buyer and seller to ask someone to do these things, but at the end of the day most people understand the need for security and are happy to oblige, so don't be embarrassed. If the other person is not happy to do this then walk away!

There is an interesting article here about fraud that you may also be interested in...

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This is not about rushing... it’s all about taking your time and getting it right. If you park your classic car in our virtual showroom then people can email you and at some point the right offer at the right time will come along. We only send enquiries in the right price range.
You are no longer restricted just to cars that are being advertised. Here you can find classic cars that are in private ownership and contact the owner to see if it is for sale. All the owners are open-minded to selling so there will be some great opportunities! Be patient and take your time.
The worst time to sell is when you have to, so isn't it much more sensible to simply be open to offers. That way, if an offer comes along at the right time then everyone will win. Best of all, our website is FREE to use, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

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